Tostadas with Drunken Beans and a Side of Romance

A coworker of mine loaned me a book because she insisted that I would “absolutely love it!” We discuss books often, and she knows that I will read anything, but I draw the line at romance. I cannot stomach it. If my mystery book has a small amount of romance so be it, but I cannot handle a book where most of the plot is romance…yuck!

Guess what she brings me to read…Nora Roberts, The Obsession. Last I heard, Nora Roberts writes romance novels. My coworker went on to explain that this book was different, it’s suspense.

I begrudgingly agreed to give it a try, I now find myself lusting after other books the way an unsatisfied housewife lusts after other men. Don’t get me wrong, the book is well put together, her writing flows. To be honest, the beginning of the book had me hooked, it was exciting, full of suspense, I thought for sure that my coworker was right, that I might enjoy this one.


I have now made it to the part of the book where I suspect, she meets her love interest. I can’t handle it. The formula is so exhausting! I’ve heard it all before. Girl meets a ruggedly handsome stranger, girl cautiously excepts strangers help, girl gets to know the stranger, they hate each other, then they love each other, they have descriptive love making (I hate that phrase), they hate each other again, they make-up and live happily ever after.

I am thinking about pushing forward because the beginning of the book did hook me, and I owe it to my coworker to finish. However, every time I start reading again, I find myself daydreaming about food. Speaking of food, I made some fantastic tostadas with ground beef and drunken beans.

The tostadas are simple to make and very filling. I fed a family of four and had enough leftovers for 2 more meals. All I had to do was put two cans of refried beans into a pan with about 3/4 cup of dark beer. I always purchase canned products that have very few ingredients. I have a rule; if I can’t pronounce it, I don’t eat it. img_0461

The ground beef is just as simple to make. I cooked one pound of ground beef and added 1/4 c dark beer, 1 tbsp cumin, 1 tbsp smoked paprika, 1/2 tbsp garlic granules, 1/2 tbsp onion granules, 1 tsp ground mustard, 1/2 tbsp chipotle seasoning, and salt to taste.


After the beef and beans are cooked, I put them on a tostada with diced tomatoes, sliced jalapenos, and shredded cheese. I then put them under a broiler for about a minute. The end result was a beautiful tostada that was as good to eat as it was to look at. The total cook and prep time was about 30 minutes.


I hope everyone enjoys the food, and if anyone has read this book, is it work reading to the end?


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My name is Kayla, I am 35, married (celebrating 15 years on July 4), and have two beautiful, smart, talented, whiny, needy, and sarcastic teenagers. When I am not working I am usually reading a book, going to the gym (mostly I'm just thinking about going to the gym), cooking, or bribing my kids to do their homework/chores. On the weekends, I enjoy spending time pulling my kids out of their electronics so they can complain during our walks through one of the urban forest we have in our community.

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