In a Dark, Dark Wood, I Prepped food for the Entire Week

I think I may have found a new favorite author, well second favorite (No one can replace Patricia Cornwell in my heart). Ruth Ware is proving to be a great story teller.
The first book I read of hers was “The Girl in Cabin 10”. It hooked me from the very first sentence. I am now reading “In and dark, dark wood”. I barely put it down long enough to write this post.


I have an obsession with books. I tend to collect them and store them in my book case until I am ready to read them. I’m always filling the book case with the intention of reading the books I just purchased after I finish my current book. The problem is, I buy books faster than I can read them.


My book case is starting to double up, it may be time to buy an extra one. As far as habits go, buying books isn’t too bad of one. You know what I’ve been really bad at the last three weeks? My eating habits ugh!

I have not been eating the healthiest lately. My daughter started summer band, then school, and the band rehearsals are twice a week. I have been going for the quick and easy at least three times a week (I feel like a busted can of biscuits).

On Sunday I decided to buckle down. I made out a meal plan for the entire week and cooked all of it. I’ve done it once before, but abandoned the plan after only two weeks.


I’m hoping that I can stick with the plan this time. I am forced to think about my health more since making the decision to go ahead and have surgery for my Chiari Malformation. I have been assigned a health advocate along with a dietitian to make sure that I am at my healthiest.


For the food prep this week I made enough for lunches everyday and dinner as well. Even though I spent a lot of time cooking on Sunday, the pay off came immediately on Monday. I did not have to cook dinner, it. was. FANTASTIC! This week I made burrito bowls, tuna steak and salad, chicken and rice, buffalo chicken stuffed sweet potatoes, and chicken salad.


Next weekend I plan on prepping snack bags as well (I had an incident with trail mix I’m not proud of). Have you tried meal prepping? How does it work for you?


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My name is Kayla, I am 35, married (celebrating 15 years on July 4), and have two beautiful, smart, talented, whiny, needy, and sarcastic teenagers. When I am not working I am usually reading a book, going to the gym (mostly I'm just thinking about going to the gym), cooking, or bribing my kids to do their homework/chores. On the weekends, I enjoy spending time pulling my kids out of their electronics so they can complain during our walks through one of the urban forest we have in our community.

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